The Harlem Shake (Skate Fail Edition)

Just for fun and test xD
A good one coming soon
just watch and share, please


Weekends/Nuno Gigante- Audiovisuals

Hi guys, first of all, this isn’t a post of skateboarding.

What I came here to share was the Facebook page, youtube channel and video, of a friend of mine, that it’s attending a Audiovisual course at the same school as me.

He is a Freelancer Filmmaker. He also do 3D and 2D animation.

What I want to ask you is if you could like his facebook page, subscribe/follow, like, … on his Youtube/Vimeo channel and share his works.

Facebook page: Nuno Gigante:

Youtube Channel: Weekends:

Vimeo: Nuno Gigante:

Thank you for your attention.

Skateboarding post, soon.

Paul Rodriguez 5 Nike SB Commercial


JPtv: DC Joga-te Moçe!

DC Joga-te Moçe video

This is the skate video from DC Portugal of this summer!



Article in:

Video by: José Piteira



New Video – Summer Shit 2012

Summer Shit 2012 – a short video with some footages of this summer.


joão abreu 2012

YOU MUST SEE ! João Abreu 2012 skateboarding video, PERFECT !

Filmmaker / Editor ‘ Flávio Sousa

Additional Footage ‘ João Marques – Henrique Sousa – Pedro Silva – Luis Moreira

Design ‘ Diogo Machado

Omar Salazar: Nike x Levi’s® 511 Skateboarding Collaboration

Omar Salazar and videographer Benny Maglinao are two incredibly talented dudes. Levi’s and Nike gave them the opportunity to take this video short into their own hands, and the result is something Hollywood production companies with million dollar budgets could only dream of making. Chalk another one up for the skaters.

This video is perfect !

Pedrinho – line 5#

filmed by pedro silva

Rodrigo Albuquerque Quik Tour 2012

Video by: Jose Piteira


Hi guys.

Do you know what its going to happen?

LIKWID presents SKATE ROOTS, a new skateboarding challenge this time with the parcitipation with some of skaters of Element Portugal on Skate Park Sinçães on Vila Nova de Famalucão, Braga, Portugal.

The challenge is sponsored by Element Portugal with the support by Câmara Municipal de Famalicão e Casa Da Juventude de Vila nOva de Famalicão.

BBQ for the skaters and Skate beats by DJ CASCA

Likwid Urban Wear :

Element :

Câmara Municipal de Vila Nova de Famalicão :


Show up guys, it’s gonna be a great day with a lot of skateboarding aand music.